2017 Youth Fellows

Imani Allen

Junior, Harvard-Westlake School
Imani leads the school’s Parkour Club and helps to co-lead the school’s Gender and Sexuality Awareness Club. She loves to volunteer at Big Sunday every chance she can and enjoys learning foreign languages and creating various types of visual and performaning art. She is a resilient person, and when she finds something that interests her, she fully immerses herself in that interest. Through Coro Youth Fellows, she hopes to gain the skills she needs to help leaders of all types bring change and a better sense of unity and community on both a micro and macro scale.

Katherine Amaya

Junior, Valor Academy High School
Katherine has been playing soccer since she was eight years old and is currently on the girls’ Varsity soccer team. For the past two years, she has volunteered at her former elementary school helping teachers with the younger students. Last school year, Katherine was part of the Valor Academy Circle Ambassador Team where she lead council sessions. Katherine is also involved with the school newspaper and as a peer tutor for Math. She also volunteers with her church’s youth group. Through the Coro Youth Fellows program, Katherine hopes to expand her comfort zone through presenting in front of people and learning more leadership skills as well as how to communicate with others on a more academic and professional level.

Tyler Chen

Sophomore, Peninsula High School
Tyler serves as lead for the second violin section in the Peninsula High School Symphonic Orchestra. Tyler volunteers at his school’s Panther Music Club; sharing and coaching his love of music to young aspiring musicians. He has hosted the 2017 New Year Celebration and 2017 Children’s Day event for the Golden Cove Palos Verdes Chinese Alliance. He is a straight “A” student and an associate member of the California Scholarship Foundation (CSF). Through Coro Youth Fellows, Tyler hopes to improve his interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Casey Corona

Junior, Aspire Pacific Academy
This year Casey will serve as President of ‘Youth Action’, a student activist club advocating for the restoration of a safe and clean community. Casey is passionate about environmental justice and political science. She joined the UCLA Water Project during her Sophomore year where she worked on a project about the unsafe tap water in her community as her Civic Action Project. With the help of the Coro Youth Fellows program Casey hopes to learn new leadership skills that will be used as a tool to transform her community into a safe environment.

Brian Gallo

Junior, Aspire Pacific Academy
An Honor Roll student, Brian is entering his third season playing football with HPHS as the Defensive End. Previously, he has worked at American Federal Technologies, setting up communication cables and cameras. Everyday he attends the gym to keep himself healthy and also helps to guide and motivate his friends into maintaining a daily workout schedule. Brian seeks to push others around him to do more so they can achieve the best of themselves. Through the Coro Youth Fellows program he hopes to obtain a problem-solving mindset so
he may be able to help others who are struggling to choose right from wrong as well as as increase his confidence in public speaking.

Cristina Gonzales

Senior, Phillips Exeter Academy
Cristina serves as the Afro-Latino Exonian Society secretary, dorm proctor and environmental proctor. Cristina has spent the past three months participating in conversations between students of color and the school administration to find better ways for the handling of race relations in the Exeter community and the lack of faculty of color retention. Cristina also volunteers within the Exeter community to create alternative methods for children to learn history. She is a member of La Alianza Latina and Fem Club. She hopes that through the Coro Youth Fellows she will learn how to be a more effective leader on campus and will be able to motivate others to support the causes of her club.

Matthew Salazar

Sophomore, West High
Matthew participates in volunteer activities throughout the year such as clothes drives for the local shelters and Christmas tree sales for school sports. Matt is part of the soccer and football programs at West High. Through the Coro Youth Fellows program he hopes to learn more about how to practice leadership and implement team-building strategies as he seeks to support both his sophomore class and teammates.

Sydney Shintani

Senior, Archer School for Girls
Sydney leads her school’s GSA and Asian Culture Club. She has spent four years working as a stage manager for her school’s theater productions and plans to continue into senior year. Sydney also volunteers at the Veterans Affairs Hospital where she aids pharmacists in distributing medicine to patients. She is an honor roll student and has been on an accelerated academic course since her start at Archer. Sydney hopes to develop her leadership skills through the Coro Youth Fellows program to promote diversity and inclusion within her community in an effective manner.

Noah Sugerman

Junior, Oakwood School
Noah is the captain of the track and cross-country teams, is on the board of Oakwood Students for Progressive Reform, a member of Girls Learn International, the Diversity Week Planning Committee, and the Global Nomads Group. A two year veteran debater, Noah and his partner are one of California’s top 8 teams. Currently a Planned Parenthood intern, he hopes to advocate for positive change. From living throughout Asia for the first ten years of his life, Noah has a global mindset ready to develop skills necessary to be an effective leader.