2018 Youth Fellows

Jarret (Ret) Beauregard

Junior, Santa Monica High School
Ret is a dedicated student and division 2 varsity water polo player at Santa Monica High School. He has the ambition to become a successful lawyer and a future leader of America. Ret has worked with young athletes as a parkour/freerunning trainer and he has volunteered with orphans in Cambodia which developed his unique perspective and interest in public policies. Ret’s understanding of world culture has been refined through his travels to 15 countries across five continents. Ret hopes he can achieve deeper community impact through the skills and leadership training as a Coro Youth Fellow.

Madeline Connelly

Sophomore, Sage Creek High School
Madeline is very excited to attend the Coro Youth Fellows Program this summer and looks forward to cultivating her leadership skills to address problems faced in her community. Currently, she is working on her Girl Scout Gold Award, in which she will facilitate a week-long summer camp to encourage healthy lifestyles and body positivity in young girls. Madeline also loves to work with children and volunteers weekly at local schools and at the Girl Uplifters Team program. She is extremely driven to achieve her goals and constantly looks for ways to improve herself and the world around her.

Daisy Davila

Junior, Vistamar School
Daisy is a junior leader in her school’s Latino Student Association. She is also one of the founders and co leaders of her school’s FIDM Fashion Club. Planning to pursue a career in law and global affairs, Daisy enjoys being involved in activities such as Mock Trial, Model U.N., and spending time with her mentor, a civil litigator working in DTLA. Through her interests in social justice and activism, she has helped organize pupusa sales and an open mic night in order to raise money for Temporary Protected Status. She had the pleasure of presenting on issues affecting the Latino community at the National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies conference this year in Minnesota. Through Coro Youth Fellows, she plans to obtain leadership skills that will help her strive in high school and beyond.

Sophia Duncan

Polytechnic School
Sophia co-leads the Outreach Council and the Feminist Education Club and serves as an editor for her school’s yearbook and newspaper, The Paw Print. She volunteers at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and is an active member of the Southern California division of Girls Learn International. Sophia enjoys both film theory and production, writing, backpacking, and community outreach. Through Coro Youth Fellows, she hopes to learn more about her immediate community and acquire the skills needed to problem solve on a professional level and incite positive change.

Rae Friedman

Junior, Polytechnic school
At Polytechnic, Rae is a co-leader of the Women of Color Club and the Ambassadors Council. She is a committed member of the Policy Debate team, where she explores philosophy concepts while maintaining a deep understanding of status quo social issues and government politics. On the weekends, Rae enjoys volunteering at the LA Food Bank. Rae is a filmmaker, a writer, and a learner. She hopes the Coro Youth Fellowship Program will strengthen her leadership capabilities and teach her how to navigate bipartisan political issues.

Dafne Gonzalez

Junior, Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High School
Dafne Gonzalez is the Director of Special Projects at her school’s Junior State of America chapter and the Parliamentarian of their National Honors Society chapter. She loves to get involved in civic action projects whenever she gets the opportunity. She is a hardworking person who does not give up until she finds a solution to a problem. Through the Coro Youth Fellows Program, she hopes to build strong leadership skills and learn to become actively engaged in her community to create positive change.

David Hernandez

Junior, Bishop Alemany High School
David leads the Christian Relief Services club and was elected as a member of the Associated Student Body. He enjoys participating in Operation Gratitude and Alemany Amigos. Through Alemany Amigos and other Key Club activities he is able to hold fun activities to bring together youth from underprivileged neighborhoods. He is an empathetic individual, and dedicates much care and effort for his school and community. Through the Coro Youth Fellows Program, he hopes to grow so that he may be better equipped in his journey to become a leader in his school community and to support others on their journey to become leaders on a broader scale.

Kyra Hudson

Junior, Harvard-Westlake School
Kyra loves the Model United Nations program and has represented Harvard-Westlake in many Model UN tournaments.  She’s active in a variety of school programs dedicated to the community, including the Youth Ending Hunger Club, in which she coordinates grocery shopping, preparation of meals, and meal service to residents of the Santa Monica Shelter (Samoshel) every month. Last summer, Kyra volunteered with Visions Service on the island of Guadeloupe, where she used her French-speaking and community service skills assisting with forestry, farming, and youth projects on the island. Kyra has a flair for the dramatic and loves performing arts; she has performed in school plays and musicals since elementary school.  Through the Coro Youth Fellows Program, Kyra hopes to develop leadership skills to focus her community service passion into achieving results.

Irene Jang

Junior, Flintridge Preparatory School
Irene is the president of Amnesty International Club and a captain of the Speech and Debate Team and stands within the top 15 in the state for thematic interpretation. She uses these sources to initiate discussions on demanding topics often perceived as a taboo under societal standards or shadowed from media’s focus. Her growing passion for literary works has motivated her to create a Poetry Club for this next school year. Irene loves to give back to her community with everything she has to offer and is involved as a club liaison in her school’s Student Community Action Council, a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of meaningful service. Through Coro Youth Fellows, Irene hopes to delve deeper into becoming an inclusive leader that can make a meaningful impact on her community and beyond.

Tsunami Keeton

Junior, Vistamar School
Tsunami is the founder and co-leader of the African American Mentoring Program at Vistamar School. She also co-leads the African American Association and was the lead student organizer of Soulful Celebration, a beloved annual event at her school that celebrates African American culture and history every year and includes student researchers, poets, musicians, dancers, and speakers from all parts of the school community. Tsunami loves to read and write poetry and often shares her work with her peers during Soulful Celebration. Tsunami is also involved with the string orchestra at her school, where she plays the viola and participates in Winter Concert and Visual Performing Arts night. She loves to take on new challenges and speak up about civil rights, equity, and justice. Through Coro Youth Fellowship, she hopes to strengthen her leadership skills and help other students who will soon take on leadership roles at her school.

Arathzy Portillo

Junior, West Adams Preparatory High School
Arathzy is a recent participant from the Mayor’s Youth Council and is now in Big Brother Big Sisters as a means of helping students expand socially through the guidance of mentors. She enjoys social interactions especially during group projects. She loves solving challenges and enjoys entertaining children as well as learning about various people’s culture and background. Arathzy is very curious and always attempts to exceed expectations as she takes advantage of given opportunities to thrive. She is extremely excited to be a part of the Coro Youth Fellows, to gain experience in order to give back to the community that has shaped her.

Melissa Romero

Junior, Valor Academy High School
Melissa loves helping people. She enjoys volunteering at her church almost every Sunday, from teaching young kids during Sunday school, to cleaning up after service. She’s a mentor for younger kids in middle school and spends most of her time trying to figure out ways to help people in need. She’s the secretary of G.S.A (Genders, Sexualities Alliances) club, she has a passion for advocating against inequalities in society, and enjoys taking photos of her community. Through Coro, she hopes to strengthen her public speaking skills and will work to be the best leader she can be for those around her while discovering ways she can impact her community.

Violet Ruiz

Junior, Stern Math and Science School
Violet is a student who is passionate about learning new ideas. She participates in sports such as Cross Country which has become one of her passions. She has also dedicated her time to other after school clubs such as National Honors Society and has earned a position as treasurer in Key Club and Editor in Yearbook. Her goal in attending Coro Youth Fellows is to gain confidence in taking community action. She hopes to learn new skills to fulfill these ideas from the Coro Youth Fellows program.

Daniel Sanchez

Junior, Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy
Daniel is a student participant in the Urban Waters Partnership and has worked with LA Waterkeeper for two years. He loves Hip-Hop music and immerses himself into the genre whenever he gets the chance. Daniel believes that there’s a lot of promise in his community and he is passionate about giving the tools to his city to fully realize it’s potential. Daniel feels that with his participation in the Coro Youth Fellows Program, he can refine and develop the leadership needed to revitalize his community. He ultimately wants to move on to become a global contributor, but he believes it all starts at home.