Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs

Since 1947, the Fellows Program has equipped emerging Southern California leaders with the resources they need to understand how decisions are made, how complex policies are shaped, and how to influence meaningful change. Using the city as a classroom, Coro Fellows learn through interactions with private, public, and nonprofit decision-makers and work as a group to develop critical thinking, analytical, governance and leadership skills. Coro Fellows join an unparalleled community of engaged alumni and leave the program with an understanding of how Southern California works and with the knowledge and skills to make it better.


The Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs in Los Angeles is an experience-based fellowship focused on understanding how to be effective in an ever-changing, complex society. Fellows gain experience, exposure, and new skill sets through four major programmatic components: field placements, seminars, leadership interviews, and focus weeks. The program demands stamina, rigorous thinking and analysis, and a deeply self-reflective approach to learning. Through their group work, placements and other activities, Fellows seek to better understand the systems that influence how Los Angeles functions, as well as how an individual’s personal values, biases, and approach to working with others can shape their impact and the outcomes they achieve.


Placements allow Fellows to gain direct exposure to varied sectors and institutions in Southern California and offer participants the opportunity to build robust professional networks. Each Fellow completes a government, electoral politics, labor, business, nonprofit, and public communications placement and is responsible for delivering a high-quality project to each organization at which he/she works.


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Weekly Seminars build self-awareness, inquiry and critical thinking skills, introducing Fellows to tools and frameworks that increase their ability to successfully contribute to an effective and collaborative group and lead change. Additionally, seminars allow Fellows to explore the city through experiential activities that help them better understand the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, organizations and key policy issues facing the city.


Leadership Interviews offer Fellows access to an influential cross-section of city leaders, helping them gain insight and diverse perspectives on the challenges of leadership. These closed-door sessions provide Fellows with the rare opportunity to explore the motivation, method, and logic of the individuals shaping our city’s future.


Focus Weeks immerse Fellows in the exploration of a single topic for a full week, including an exploration of the California state government system and other topics that vary by year.


The Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs is offered in four regions: Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. The Fellowship is a full-time, 9-month program, beginning in September and ending in May. Applications are closed for our next class of Fellows. If you are interested in applying for the 2020-2021 cohort, please complete the online interest form and a staff member will be in touch in the fall when applications open again.


The Network – As a Coro Fellow, you gain access to high-level professionals in all sectors and join an engaged alumni network of over 10,000 accomplished leaders nationally who are dedicated to supporting one another and to improving the region and the nation.


The Knowledge – Fellows immerse themselves in an intensive exploration of current cross-sector issues, gaining first-hand insights through discussions with leaders at the forefront of social change and diving into hands-on placements that collectively become a catalyst for unparalleled career and personal growth.


The Skills – Coro Fellows learn from a diversity of opinions, styles and world views, develop the capacity to approach and break down complex problems, and gain on-the-job experience across a variety of placements, equipping them with the tools to drive social change in effective and collaborative ways.

Coro Southern California provides qualifying Fellows who request financial support with a monthly stipend to defray living expenses during their nine months in the program. Stipends are based on financial need. Coro Southern California also offers a monthly allowance to assist with health insurance for Fellows and is sometimes able to provide housing options for reduced rent through the support of friends of Coro.

Placements are a vital part of the Fellows’ experience. Coro is always looking for new organizations and businesses to host Fellows during their sectoral rotations. Ideal hosts will offer robust access to how their organization functions as well as give a high-level project to the Fellow to complete during their time there. For more information, please click on the icon or contact Jenny Vazquez-Newsum at


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In the final months of their fellowship, Coro Fellows work as consultants or complete projects for desiring organizations of any sector or industry. These projects range in length and outcome, and Fellows work closely with their supervisors to outline ideal results. There is a $7,000 donation request for each project period.For more information, please click on the icon or contact Jenny Vazquez-Newsum at


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“I got out of college and went and got an adrenaline-pumping, 12-hour a day, exciting job, but it didn’t hold a candle to what I got from the Coro Fellows Program.”

– Oliver Gould, FPPA ’12



Vaneshia Reed

Vaneshia Reed

FPPA '18

“Coro is a journey into the unknown of the unknown; of myself and the place I call home. A chance to let go and be vulnerable with eleven other unique and beautiful souls. A chance to fail and be okay enough to try again, and fail again, and keep learning. In these nine months, I have been challenged in ways I didn’t know I could or needed to be, and made to reflect on who I am, my role in the world, and my understanding of this world.

I am forever changed because of this experience. I am a better learner, grower, listener, advocate, public servant…a better human. This is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of continual curiosity, exploration, learning and growth.”

Adam Mohabbat

Adam Mohabbat

FPPA '17

“Coro challenged me to find new strength in my voice and sharpen my decision-making skills. Perhaps most unique to Coro is its ability to lift the curtain behind a city and show you a world of high-stakes decision making, where people are people and every choice has consequences. The fellowship provides unparalleled access to key players in every sector, daring its participants to dream beyond themselves and equipping them with a skill set to achieve those dreams.”

Talar Alexanian

Talar Alexanian

FPPA '16

“Coro forever changed the way I view the world. It’s as if I can now see things I wasn’t able to see before, understand my own values and beliefs on a deeper level, and learn how to speak the languages of the different sectors in order to collaborate with others to get things done. I would have probably gained the insight Coro gave me throughout my professional career, but Coro accelerated that process through a 9-month journey. Coro breeds change-makers, thought leaders, creative minds, and rational thinkers.”

Shelbi Augustus

Shelbi Augustus

FPPA '15

“Even when you’re sleep deprived, frustrated, and so nervous your knees are buckling, Coro teaches you how to gain the proper amount of knowledge, extract your own biases and find a middle consensus among eleven other stakeholders to find an answer that you feel will not only suffice but will positively change the public affairs world.”