We need young leaders to propel Southern California forward.


An immersive, experiential, cohort-based summer program that engages high school participants in leadership skill development and understanding how local systems work. Youth Fellows will interview local leaders, participate in site visits to learn about how things get done in Southern California, and participate in small group projects that challenge them to engage with local stakeholders, practice their skills, and develop mentors and networks that will support their future career development.

June 22-July 31

Six-week, full-time summer session consisting of:

  • Three-week Coro skills and tools training and application opportunities

  • Two-week internship with Coro seminars on Mondays

  • One-week group project featuring site visits, interviews, and public speaking opportunities


Coro is currently accepting applications for the 2020 Coro Youth Fellows Program.

Do you know a student who would make a great Youth Fellow? Nominate them here!


Callie Spaide
Recruitment and Alumni Relations Manager
(213) 267-6497 


 Leadership skill development 

  Inquiry-based fact-finding methodology

  Team management

  Multi-sector problem solving

  Experiential project-based community analysis

  Organizational & systems analysis 

  Increased confidence in decision-making

  Giving & receiving effective feedback

  Exposure to potential mentors

  Networking skill development

  Identifying regional leaders & decision-makers

  How to effectively engage your school & community

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Leadership Development:

Participants will learn valuable skills and tools in setting purpose, how to give and receive effective feedback, and understand how to ask effective questions.

Strategy Days:

Focused time designed to examine specific topics, institutions, and processes, and to discover strategies for leveraging resources, opportunities, and decision-making power.

Issue Exploration:

Participants are given exposure to multiple perspectives and ideas through which they deepen their understanding of the many complex issues leaders currently face and work to unpack the various competing interests that drive debates.

Peer-to-Peer Learning:

Participants will meet other high schoolers from around the LA-region who are working to become leaders in their own communities and schools and form close ties with members of their cohort through intensive training and peer consulting.

Networking opportunities:

All Youth Fellows will have exposure to mentors and Coro alumni through internships, interviews, site visits and Coro events.

Individual and Small Group Application Projects:

Immersion projects give Fellows a real-world opportunity to apply the tools they’ve learned, practice individual reflection and feedback gathering, and analyze systems. 


  •  Become a stronger leader
  •   Ask great questions to identify a problem
  •   Manage team members
  •   Look at problems across sectors
  •   Analyze a community by interacting with it
  •   Understand how things work in Los Angeles 
  •  Make tough decisions
  •   Create a career pathway
  •   Give and take feedback
  •   Network effectively
  •   Identify people with the real power and influence
  •   Effectively engage their schools and communities


How much does it cost?

Tuition for the full 6-week summer session is $5,000 per participant. To request financial aid, please complete Section 4 of the online application. For more information about scholarships, email Callie Spaide at callie@corola.org.

What are the admission requirements?


  • Current High School sophomore or junior.
  • Able to attend the entire 6-week summer program (dates TBD); 9am – 5pm
  • Able to return phone calls and emails in a timely manner
  • Able to secure consistent transportation to Coro activities and internships
  • Payment of program tuition of $5,000*

* Needs based scholarships are available. Please request financial aid when submitting your application, if this applies to you.

How will I get to Coro activities and internship sites?

Students and their families will need to provide transportation to the venues for seminars, activities and internships. For the internships, Coro will do everything possible to try to secure placements near where the student lives to offset transportation time and costs.

When is graduation?

Family and friends are invited to join! Graduation will be held on the last day of the program, July 31st. Stay tuned for details.

Who should apply?

Any current Los Angeles-area high school sophomore or junior who desires to seek growth in their abilities to lead, think critically, and navigate the civic landscape. Coro looks for participants who want to make a difference in their schools and communities and are eager to learn, grow and challenge themselves.

What's on the application?
The application is due April 1st, 2020 and must be completed in one sitting. Prior to working on the application, please review the Application Guide.
Applicants will be asked to provide demographic information as well as short answer responses and three essay questions. To give applicants time to prepare their answers before submitting the final application, essay questions are listed below. Applicants are also responsible for securing a recommendation from a teacher, coach, supervisor, or mentor (no family or friends). Recommendation forms can be accessed online here and should be submitted no later than April 1, 2020.

Essay Questions:

1- Tell us who you are.  You can describe your background, values, significant experiences from your past, and/or special hobbies/interests that have helped to shape your identity, values, and/or aspirations.

2- What is the most challenging obstacle that you have had to overcome?  Discuss the impact it has had on you and what you have learned from the experience.

3- What are your reasons for applying to the Coro Youth Fellows Program?  How will you apply your leadership training in your school or neighborhood community?

To download the Coro Youth Fellows Program brochure, please click below.



Imani Allen

Imani Allen

Junior at Harvard-Westlake School

“During our five weeks, we did so many different things and had so many different experiences, but throughout the program, we had to learn to work cohesively as a team. I learned that communication and working together is so important to get things done and to be successful. I’m going to take that into everything I do at school and in my community. I’m going to help people that I interact with in that same way - to work as a group and learn from each other. That’s what I took from this program, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Sydney Shintani

Sydney Shintani

Senior at Archer School for Girls

“One of my takeaways from the program was the value of being thrown into uncomfortable situations. While that sounds unpleasant, it was one of the ways I learned the most here. You learn so much from being forced to learn things on your own, and that’s something you don’t see in regular school life. We get very clear-cut instructions - we’re told what we need to do and what our expectations are - instead of being able to shape those things for ourselves, and that's something that I learned through this program that was really valuable.”